Video interview: The Vikings in Ireland

In the period between 700 and 1050 the impact of Vikings was felt as far afield as Greenland, Russia, present-day Turkey and North America. The British Isles felt the full force of Norse expansion, first in the shape of Viking raids and later as Norsemen settled in large numbers. Ireland was no exception and, as Irish historian Dr Eamonn Noonan explains to Access writer Richard Burgess, the connections between medieval Ireland and Norway were many and the legacy of the Vikings can still be seen in modern Ireland.
Dr Eamonn Noonan was formerly employed at the Irish Embassy in Oslo and now works at the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services.

Discussion questions:

  1. When would the Norse language have been heard in the streets of Dublin?
  2. How is the legacy of Viking influence still noticeable in Ireland today?
  3. What are some of the royal connections between Ireland and Norway during the medieval period?

  • The Vikings in Ireland