Irish America (video interview)

For a relatively small nation, Ireland’s cultural impact on the rest of the world has been impressive. The links between Ireland and the USA are particularly strong and reflect historical connections that are at the same time tragic and triumphant.

In this interview, Irish historian Dr Eamonn Noonan tells Richard Burgess about the origins of Irish America and its continued relevance for both countries today. He also looks at the legacy of Irish emigration in other parts of the globe.


Discussion questions:

  1. Why did people first emigrate from Ireland to America?
  2. What are the present-day connections between Ireland and the US?
  3. Where else in the world is the legacy of Irish emigration still noticeable?
  4. How Irish are the “Irish pubs” found around the world, according to Eamonn?
  5. Norway also has strong links to the USA because of emigration. How important are these links for modern Norwegians, do you think?

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