The League of Nations

Great Britain, America and France won the World War One, but they lost the peace.


The treaty they forced the Germans to sign at Versailles in 1919 was unjust and shortsighted. It punished the German nation for causing the war, but did not destroy its potential power. It humiliated Germany’s new democratic government publicly, opening the way for the Nazis. One French general remarked, “This is not a peace. This is a pause.” The Americans, who had come to Versailles hoping for a just peace, turned away in disgust. President Woodrow Wilson, leader of the American delegation to Versailles, even lost support among his own people for the League of Nations – his attempt to create an institution to avoid future wars.

But what was this organization, and what happened to it during these years?



  1. What were the origins of the League of Nations?
  2. Why wouldn’t America join the League?
  3. What nations were members of the League during the interwar years?
  4. How was the League weakened during the 1930s?
  5. What happened to it?