More on creationism

religion science Here are a few more links and tasks about the topic of creationism in the USA.


Task for LINK 1:

The article on creationism in Texas schools was written in 2008. What was the situation in Texas six years later? Read the fact sheet at the web address and summarise what you find out about the situation in Texas today and mention other interesting facts you find about other states.



Tasks for LINK 2:

(On Page 1:)

  1. How is creationism being taught in some Texas schools?
  2. What are some of the other controversial teachings of the charter schools?
  3. How is eugenics being connected to creationism?
  4. What are the concerns of the Texas Freedom Movement?
  5. Go through the text to find evidence of the viewpoints of the writer of this article. Explain how subjective or objective you find the article. Would you call the writer liberal or conservative?