Attacks in Canada

Canadians have always been proud that their country has had a much more sensible attitude to guns than their neighbour to the south. But recent events have shattered this image and Canadians have been forced to take a serious look at how their country is developing. Two soldiers were killed in two separate incidents in a very short span of time: An off-duty soldier was run over, allegedly on purpose, and a soldier guarding a memorial statue with an unloaded gun was shot and killed by an alleged terrorist who then stormed into the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Read the two news reports below to learn about these two incidents. Then work with the tasks.




Read the editorial and consider the questions below:

  1. What reasons does the editorial give for rejecting the “thin thread of ideology” that connects the two events?
  2. In what way does Canada differ from the US when it comes to protecting public figures?
  3. Which positive aspects of Canada does the editorial mention?
  4. What does the writer mean at the end when he says: “Canada isn’t going anywhere”?
  5. What do you think the overall message of the editorial is? In other words, in what way, according to the editorial, should Canadians react to this violence?


Language check

Point out language features that are used by the writer to help him get his point across.


Canadian history check

Search the net to find out more about what the editorial is referring to when it mentions the FLQ and Pierre Laporte.

Find out more who Thomas D’arcy McGee was.