Globalization 101: Student stories

At the Globalization 101 website you can read about Nigerian young people who have been visiting students in a summer program in the US.



  1. What American school did these four young people attend during the summer?
  2. Which one of the students wants to be a mechanical engineer? Why?
  3. Which one of the students wants to go into diplomacy? Why?
  4. What job does the girl want to have? What major world institution would she like to work for?
  5. What did the students study in the summer program at the American school?
  6. What aspects of globalization is Simon the most grateful for?
  7. What benefits does Jerimiah think globalization has brought to his village?
  8. What benefits does Ifeanyi see from globalization?
  9. Having read these four stories, what benefits do you see from having international student-exchange programs like the one described here?